The ongoing killing of female infants and sex-selective abortions has led to far reaching consequences in communities. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states, “that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Blinded by the desire for male offspring, people have been ignorant of the disaster they have unwittingly created by indulging in female infanticide and the problems this has created in society.


Female infanticide changes the normal ratio of males to females in a country. In India, the number of girls per 1000 boys has been declining steadily with each passing decade. In 1981 there were 962 girls for 1000 boys but by 2011 the sex ratio had plummeted to a low of 914 girls for 1000 boys. In some states, it is below 858 girls per 1000 boys. In China, the ratio is much worse: 848 girls for 1000 boys. Other communities where female infanticide is prevalent, are also showing similar skewed and dwindling male-female sex ratios. This has created a great gender imbalance in the male and female population.


The decline in the number of girls makes them scarce for the number of males. This leads to illegal trafficking of women in many regions and sexual exploitation. There are many villages with so few women that men cannot find wives.  In areas where men cannot find brides, girls are kidnapped. Sometimes they are sold by their poor families and shared between multiple males in the home and face gender violence. Child marriages become common as men try to claim brides early. Young girls, who have only just crossed the threshold of puberty, are forced to marry and child pregnancies result, a devastating consequence, since a girl is pushed to give birth before her body is ready. Many women die in childbirth in villages. When a territory participates in the trade off of its women population, it creates a path ahead that is full of pitfalls


Once the number of available women to men decline, cases of crime and violence against women increase and become more widespread. In societies with surplus of unmarried young men, there are also unusually high rates of violence and crime. With fewer available females, the surviving ones have to fend off unwanted attention from other males. In the years that gendercide has been practiced in China, the national crime rate has doubled. The legal system offers little to no protection, is slow to act, and many crimes are not reported to the police because of fear of retaliation or loss of reputation.


In 2019, the film “One Child Nation” was nominated for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards. It is a harrowing expose of the devastation caused by the womb police who enforced China’s One Child Policy. Women were forced into abortions, often in late stages of pregnancy. While China ended the One Child Policy in 2015 and the new rule allows couples to have two children, forced abortion still continues under the Two Child Policy. Heavy fines, harassment, and threat of job termination are used to enforce compliance with family planning policies. The Chinese Communist Party has boasted that it has "prevented” 400 million births through its One Child Policy, a mind numbing statistic. Most of these have been female.


Gendercide has caused the female populations in India, China, and other Asian countries to drop steeply. After decades of gender selection during pregnancy or at birth, the makeup of the population in these countries has been distorted. In China, there are 66 million “missing” women – 10 percent of the current female population. In India the number is estimated at 43 million. By 2100 the population of China, according to predictions, could plummet to 700 million, from its current 1.3 billion, in part due to the many years of female baby killings. Gendercide's ripple effects are already being felt around the world.


Female infanticide puts the society at risk in a number of ways. There is less productivity in terms of human resources and human capital from one gender. There a biological imbalance in the natural environment which creates labor market distortions, economic shifts, and social instability where one gender dominates while the female gender is gradually being eliminated. There is not enough youth to support an eventually aging population. Killing one gender and giving preference to the other is a threat to basic human rights and when human rights are not valued, it becomes a degenerative and uncivilized society. This is not a healthy platform for the surviving individuals to grow and thrive. A nation cannot develop and prosper.