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Gender Equality Through Education and Health

Project "Save the Girl Child" is a youth-driven movement working to raise global awareness of female gendercide. Our mission is to fight for the innocent lives lost each day, provide support for girls in vulnerable situations, and empower girls through education and healthcare to become future leaders.

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Female Infanticide


Female infanticide is the deliberate killing of a newborn female child by her family. It is most commonly done immediately after birth or within the first year of the girl’s life - by drowning, poison, strangulation, or abandonment after birth - on road sides and in alleyways, outside temples and churches, in public bathrooms and garbage cans. Another method of female infanticide is through the deliberate neglect of the girl child by not providing food, essential nutrition, or medical care in the early years of life. 

The end result is the same – the girl child does not survive.

Female Feticide 


With the advent and availability of modern diagnostic technology like ultrasound and amniocentesis, female feticide has replaced female infanticide in bigger cities. Female feticide is the deliberate selective abortion of a female fetus after prenatal sex determination, preventing a girl child from even being born. Using these technologies, families try to find out the sex of a child early on so that they can abort the pregnancy and then try for another child; this time a male. Since many South Asian countries ban the right to know the sex of a child before birth, this is often done illegally and has become a booming profitable racket.

The United Nations Population Fund estimates that 200 million females are demographically “missing” from the world today. The word "missing", coined by economist Amartya Sen, refers to girls who should have been born or grown up, but were killed by infanticide or selective abortion. In sheer scale, female gendercide has claimed more victims than World War I and II combined, all the genocides of the 21st century, and the AIDS epidemic or malaria. It creates a mountain of corpses equal to the Jewish Holocaust every 3 years.


Gendercide is one of the largest human rights violations the world has ever seen. This practice tears at the very fabric of liberty by denying equal protection under the law to one half of the population – one that is unable to defend itself. Gender equality lies at the very heart of each country’s successful progress and development. The global crisis of “missing” girls is a tragedy of lost potential --the loss of the girl child in society simply because she happens to be a girl.


Female infanticide denies a girl her most fundamental right - The right to life. We must to do our bit to stop this practice, no matter where we live. One person, one action, and one small step at a time can make a difference. But let us not find ourselves on the wrong side of history by having failed to take any action at all.  

Join the movement to “Save the Girl Child”

Our Three Pillars

Social Advocacy

Our goal is to raise global awareness about female gendercide. Change in society can only happen when people realize the magnitude and scale of the issue and the damaging spillover effects. Thousands of girls are killed daily and millions of girls have been exterminated from the world. Because this happens quietly, no one pays attention or understands the serious consequences. It is imperative to awaken societal consciousness to female gendercide so that action can be taken for change to begin. 

Education for Girls 

For a girl to survive and thrive, she must have a strong body and mind. It is imperative she is literate and receive an education. Globally, girls are faced with greater barriers to education, a pre-cursor to economic independence, than boys. Out of the 130 million children who received no primary education, 88 million were girls. Lack of education for the girl-child devalues female output in economic terms and prevents her from the earning potential of males, further exacerbating the economic risk-benefit trade-off exhibited by parents who participate female gendercide.

Healthcare for Girls

A girl-child must receive adequate medical and psychological care. Female infanticide often happens through deliberate negligence, uneven food allocations causing nutritional deficiencies, no medical care, and minimal survival needs being provided. Failure to attend antenatal clinics and take vaccination causes female neonatal mortality. The lack of value placed on a girl's life creates the feeling that she has no premium in the world. It is common for her to accept violence as her fate, be resigned to receiving no education, having a limited role in the decision making of the home and being subservient to males . This must change!



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